Who we are

ChartLogic, Inc. is a leader in the Health Information Technology (HIT) industry that provides Electronic Health Records (EHR) solutions to medical practices across the country.
What we do

ChartLogic helps physicians provide better patient care through better technology and also helps medical practices become more efficient by erasing the hassle and the cost of managing paper.

ChartLogic offers three different Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions:

* The ChartLogic EMR Solution includes EMR, Document Management (DM), Patient Portal, Patient Education, Labs, Case Management, and practice management solutions including ChartLogic PM and Patient Portal.
* The iAchieve EHR Solution is a web-hosted, CCHIT Certified electronic health records (EHR) system which includes EMR, PM and DM.
* The ChartLogic PaperLess Office is a basic EMR which gets rid of paper in the medical office, by storing it electronically.

Why ChartLogic?

ChartLogic is the leading innovator in technology solutions that make doctors lives easier. But instead of us telling you why ChartLogic, here is what just few of our many satisfied customers have to say about us.
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