AdvantaCharat for OB/GYN
AdvantaChart is an easy-to-use, affordable, windows-based electronic medical records application specific to OB/GYN. Our system uses innovative technology to streamline the workflow process of your practice, increase efficiency, and improve quality of patient care.
The AdvantaChart Advantage

Easy to Maneuver - Screens are straightforward and natural to navigate. Using a laptop, tablet, or desktop workstation, the doctor and staff can document all phone calls, exam results, tests and labs, scripts, and hospital stays. The workflow process matches OB/GYN and incorporates the ACOG Antepartum record.

Reliable and Secure - Since AdvantaChart is windows-based, you are not dependent upon the reliability of your internet connection while seeing patients. Your patients protected health information (PHI) goes no further than the server located in your office.

Affordable - Compare AdvantaChart to other EMRs and you will find that AdvantaChart is reasonably priced so that any size practice can take advantage of this competitive resource for OB/GYN's.
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